Week 12 Q

I NEED IT FOR TOMOROW (SATURDAY) MORNING.Read:ÿ https://sigmapubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/wvn.12021Read:ÿCollaborative Communication: Integrating SBAR to Improve Quality/Patient Safety Outcomes – Beckett – 2009 – Journal for Healthcare Quality – Wiley Online LibraryAfter reading both studies discuss:1. What is evidence based practice and what are some of the barriers encountered by nursing to evidence based practice?2. How has the […]

TWO PART ASSIGNMENT: Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

Assessment 3 Instructions: Interdisciplinary Plan ProposalFor this assessment you will create a 2-4 page plan proposal for an interprofessional team to collaborate and work toward driving improvements in the organizational issue you identified in the second assessment.The health care industry is always striving to improve patient outcomes and attain organizational goals. Nurses can play a […]

Future of informatics

Identify the current role of the informatics nurse and predict the future role of the informatics nurse, based on scholarly sources.Explain what is meant by connected health.ÿ Provide three examples of connected health in today?s healthcare environment.ÿ Explain the benefits and drawbacks of each.In what ways has informatics impacted public health ? please provide at […]

Workplace Discrimination: Understanding Legal and Ethical Requirements

? Explain basic legal and ethical terms and guidelines that pertain to the topic of workplace discrimination.? Summarize your findings from the EEOC website, including types of discrimination and those most frequently charged, trends in reporting of discrimination, and implications for healthcare organizations in statistics and trends.? Explain legal protections for employees with regard to […]

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is imperative for ensuring patient safety.

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is imperative for ensuring patient safety. Although teaching strategies to enhance EBP knowledge and skills are recommended, recent research indicates that nurses may not be well prepared to apply EBP. This week we are identifying two areas of nursing practice, which evidence-based practice has improved patient outcomes. What does evidence based practice […]

Discussion: PICOT Question and Nursing Theory

Step 1 Reflect on your area of interest and the hypothesis that you created in week 2.Step 2 Answer the following prompts:What nursing theory and theorist would you propose to use as a basis for further study into your area of interest?Create a PICOT question related to your area of interestCite any sources in APA […]

SOAP Note Assignemnt

SOAP Note AssignmentClick here to download and analyze the case study for this week. Create a SOAP note for disease prevention, health promotion, and acute care of the patient in the clinical case. Your care plan should be based on current evidence and nursing standards of care.Visit the online library and research for current scholarly […]


Stephanie is a 36-year-old female who presents to the clinic with a ÿhistory of anxiety. Social history is unremarkable. For the last 4 ÿyears, she has been well controlled on paroxetine, however she feels ?it ÿjust doesn’t work anymore.? You have decided to change her medication ÿregimen to vortioxetine 5mg, titrating up to a max […]

Module 07 Assignment ? Sensory Perception Disorder Care Map

Module 07 ContentClickÿhere to open a word document with the assignment instructions and rubric.NUR2356_Module 07 Assignment_1220.docxSubmit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check theÿCourse Calendarÿfor specific due dates.Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the […]

Discharge teaching on Tina Jones

Evidence-based discharge teaching is critical in promoting health and impacting readmissions. You will address Tina Jones? diagnoses; asthma, dehydration, and wound infection, providing education that will support adherence and prevent readmission. ÿProvide clear guidance for wound care, infection control, medications, diet, blood sugar monitoring, activity, and follow-up that will optimize her health.Discharge teaching on Tina […]