Alternative Treatment Procedures For Dysphagia Outline & Bibliography

How the outline should look like: General purpose: to persuade Specific idea: to persuade that (this treatment) is better for dysphasia than (this treatment). *specify the treatments from the annotated bibs* 1-Introduction a. theisi b.supporting claims 2- supporting claim 1 a- facts b-other facts 3-supporting claim 2 a-evidence Conclusion.   “Is this question part of […]

Financial Statement Technical Analysis Discussion

Technical Analysis Please respond to the following discussion question. Your response should fully address all elements of the question and be a minimum of 200 to 300 words long. We have been studying financial statements and major accounting principle areas in this course. Using this week’s readings and research on the Internet, identify methods that […]

Can you please answer these two questions on McCarthyism & Red Scare

Joseph R. McCarthy , a senator from Wisconsin, claimed he had a longlist of communists who were working in the State Department. He neverproduced the list. With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, however,McCarthy’s popularity soared. McCarthyism became a catchword for makingvicious and reckless charges. In 1954, McCarthy went after the United StatesArmy. […]

How the Internet has changed the way we experience popular music

course: Media and couture Discuss how the Internet has changed the way we experience popular music. Responses should be 300-400 words, and your original response is worth up to 20 points. All responses to classmates should be at least 50 words in length, and you should make sure to respond to at least two of […]

Ashford University Strategic Planning Process discussion

In a four- to five-page paper (excluding the title and references pages), discuss the strategic planning process. In your paper: Explain the basic steps in the planning process. Describe the steps in the decision-making process, and predict how the personal attributes of the manager influence decision making. Predict how the steps of the strategic planning […]

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) discussion

1- Identifies the disease condition. Gives a brief statement of incidence and prevalence in the US. Summarizes the pathophysiology and Identifies the typical clinical presentation seen in a patient with the disease COPD, this included unique Pathophysiology,risk factors, signs and symptoms with differentials with diagnosis tools and a small description about the treatment of COPD. […]

MAT 500 Week 10 Marketing Mag campaign Discussion

MAT 500 Discussion Week 10 Marketing Mag marketing campaign for your million-dollar idea Watch the videos, What Is Cause Marketing? and Why Cause Marketing Is Important, and answer the following questions: Question One · Let’s create a cause marketing campaign for your million-dollar idea that you have already discussed in week six. What is the […]

Grossmont The sixties – The years that shaped a generation assignment

hey there, I need help with a short journal response, 3-5 pages on this documentary Basically you have to choose three different topics from the video and connect it to your life. The professor asked us to choose three topics or from the video and relate them to our real life . We have to […]

Linear equations discussion

1. Can a system consisting of two linear equations have exactly two solutions? Explain why or why not. 2. Suppose the graph of the equations in a system of two equations in two variables consists of a circle and a line. Discuss the possible number of solutions for this system.   “Is this question part […]

SOCI – 1001S Walden Sociological Perspective – children right

Week 4 In this week, begin with an exploration of Interactive Unit 4: Race, Class, and Gender Inequality and Interactive Unit 5: Deviance, Aging and Global Inequality. Then return here to participate in a Discussion activity focused on creating positive social change. Photo Credit: [SilviaJansen]/[Vetta]/Getty Images Learning Resources Required Resources Interactive Units Laureate Education. (2018). […]