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hello, I need someone to write me a papers , two pages or one and half according below Determine a stranger’s identity, in a public place, using only Google search on your phone, based on things the stranger said loudly enough for lots of others to hear and things that are displayed on the person’s […]


What is the proper relationship between homeland security and homeland defense? How deeply can the armed forces be involved in support to civil authorities without becoming a potential threat to liberty? Where do we draw the balance between “offense” and “defense?” Should we focus more on one over the other, and if so, which one? […]

EDMG330 AMU Leadership in Hazardous Materials Management discussion

Week 7 Forum Describe to what level you must deal with politics in your current job and how that affects you. If there were direct benefits, such as new equipment or additional personnel being granted, would you be willing and able to ‘swim with the sharks’? Respond to the posts of at least two of […]

HR 802 Lesson 12 Diversity Training Discussion

Lesson 12 Discussion 33 unread replies.33 replies. In many organizations, diversity training is viewed as a “necessary evil.” It is easily parodied in movies and television shows (The Office as an example), given the tendency of diversity training to step into areas outside the purview of business. By Saturday at 3:00 p.m. (ET): Write a […]

Social Cognition Brochure

Details: Social cognition is the ability to think about the self and other people. Current research suggests that infants are able to distinguish themselves from their environment early in their development. The ability to differentiate the self from one’s surroundings and from other individuals grows with age. Proceeding from concrete to abstract to metacognitive, children […]

MN553 Kaplan University Drug Price Comparison discussion

Assignment Directions Choose a prescription drug that has a generic available. Choose three different types of pharmacies. Examples: Large chain pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, Eckards, etc. Grocery store associate pharmacy such as Publix, Krogers, etc. Privately owned local pharmacy Pharmacy associated with a “big box” store such as Target, Walmart, etc. Online pharmacy (must […]

Discussion Post on IRS and Federal Tax with Scripture Integrated

200-300 word discussion post on questions below. use 2 sources and integrate scripture Approximately what percentage of Federal Tax returns does the IRS audit? What are the implications of this number for the IRS’s strategy in selecting which returns for audit? When composing a tax return for others or for yourself; should attention be given […]

BIO106 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease In the Digestive System Presentation

BIO 106 POWER POINT PROJECT Topic:Diseases or disorders of any of the systems we studied, including: Plants, Reproduction, Development, Endocrine, Neurons & Nervous system, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestion, Excretion. Format:Minimum of 7 slides, maximum of 15 slides. Title slide Introductory slide(s):Define the problem. 3-5. (Approx.)Content slides: The presentation should include the following content: an explanation of […]

EDMG220 Hazard Adjustments Paper

250 words and 2 references Hazard adjustments assume that people live with a certain degree of threats that can be prevented or mitigated through certain actions. Pick three hazards that are prevalent in your hometown. What hazard adjustments would you recommend based on these three hazards? My hometown is New Orleans but I live in […]

ISSC361 Christchurch Mosque Shootings Report Paper

Please write an analysis report about the most recent attack on the US Office of Personnel Management. In the report, please answer the following questions: 1- What type of attack was launched on OPM?2- What was compromised or breached?2- How was the attack accomplished if known?4- Your own analysis and feedback about the attack? 5- […]