AMH 2020 Creation of a Free and Equal Society

I need you to write an essay and answer 3 of 6 questions from the book called “give me my liberty”, Also you need to rely more on my class notes rather than the book to write the essay question. however the 3 other question you should answer them from the book. I upload a […]

The five forces analysis for McDonald’s

Write a two-pages paper “single spaced” about McDonalds Five Forces Analysis. Please write a small introduction about the company in the beginning, and then write about each section of the analysis separately. Do not forget to cite the references please. Thanks!   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

Quick and Healthy Food Discussion

My product is a small store that provides quick and healthy food ( snacks, coffee sandwiches, fruit???) to people on the go. There will be limited seating and free wifi. Expand upon this as as the following. Understanding the features and benefits of a product is essential to forming the overall marketing plan’s creative message. […]

IOT Architecture in Irrigating in Oman Assignment

Write about the IOT Architecture in irrigating 4 stage and describe it in details and how each stage work.( 4page) Design a logical design for IOT in irrigation and the component need in the project as (sensore&switch & Microcontroller… and describe the diagram in details and explain each component needed.(4page) # 0% similarity and kindly […]

Following the every step to do the excel

Hi pls help me to do the lab it is really easy. You should know how to do the excel The professor give Cleary step in it. You just follow every steps from the Lab3A If you have any question you can contact me. This is the homework I do before 5-7 and I am […]

I have some Q for SAFE I want to help Plz

We know that for a injury to be compensable, it must meet three criteria. Review the story below and tell me how Mr. Haskett’s case turned out. Did you agree with the judge’s decision and why did you agree or disagree? Nigel Haskett, 21 at the time he was shot, is or was an employee […]

ENG4720 WRIGHT Describing 5 Items A Word And 4 Quotes

Choose FIVE items to write about. Answers must be detailed, focused, and relevant. For terms, literary or philosophic, define key aspects of the term, and give at least one specific example per point. For characters, give author and titleand explain the importance of the character to the plot and to the theme of the work. […]

Survey Details And Data Analysis

In at least 2 pages, describe the following survey details: Develop five survey questions asking for information in regards to your research questions. You can choose open-ended questions for interviews or close ended questions for surveys. Determine what media you will use for the distribution of your survey/interview. Send the survey questions you developed to […]

Combination Lock For The Physical Security Computer Science Discussion

Research how to open a combination lock when the combination will not work. Resource Blog here: Discuss your findings and perspectives In proper APA format, write a minimum of 2 paragraphs   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

Ballas Co. Periodic Inventory System FIFO And LIFO Methods

EX6-5: Ballas Co. uses a periodic inventory system. Its records show the following for the month of May, in which 68 units were sold. UNITS UNIT COST TOTAL COST May 1 Beg. Inventory 30 $8 $240 15 Purchases 25 $ 11 $275 24 Purchases 35 $ 12 $420 Totals 90 $935 Compute the ending inventory […]