Case Discussions: Amazon Fire

  1. Company Analyst (Job A)—Identifies the strategic groups within the industry market. Who are the major competitors and what is the company’s position relative to those competitors? Also, review the market of current and potential customers for the industry. What is important for customers in this market? What appeals might be used to attract consumers within the market? Study the targeted customer base and strategies used to build customer relationships. What strategies are currently being used? What customer relationship strategies would you recommend?

4. Environmental Analyst -(Job D) (Focuses on trends in the six segments of the general environment including technological, demographic trends, economic trends, political trends, social cultural trends, & global trends—See Chapter 2).

5. Ethical/CSR Ombudsman (Job E)—How do the activities of the company compare with the corporate social responsibility model–to make a profit, be legal, be ethical, be philanthropic? Analyze each level. Discuss any gaps you have observed. (For example, what legal/ethical issues impacting the organization currently or in the future. You amy also share any current event information related to the case study.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Write your deliverables in a word document first AND save it. Then, copy and paste your document in the appropriate discussion area. Deliverables must be 1.5-2 pages in length and have at least one academic source–12 inch font Times New Roman–double spaced. Additionally, it is important to remain cognitive of current events and ethical issues surrounding the organizations/industries we study each week.

You need to know, there have 3 case job, every job need to follow the requirement, I mean every job need to have 1.5-2 pages in length and have at least 1 source. You need to give me 3 different documents!


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