Business Law Outsider Hacking And Insider Trading Assignment

Assignment 1

What is meant by a hostile takeover? Is there an inherent conflict of interest in takeovers?

Who represents the interest of the shareholders?

Which, if any, of the positions taken by panel members do you agree with?

Which do you disagree with and why?

Given the current economic climate, what do you think about takeovers?

Assignment 2 may need to review prior information or do a little research.A great deal of discussion and cases have appeared lately regarding the liability created when business is conducted via the internet.

Discuss the following in the Discussion Forum: Unit 5 – Internet Liability and Business.

1. Find a legal case that deals with the issue of the internet and the liablity of internet providers in the US and in a foreign country for the material that they allow to be “aired” on their IPS- see if the law is different in the US than in another country.

2. Discuss a legal case within the last three (3) years that involves selling securites on the internet.

3. Discuss a legal case or legislation that deals with paying taxes on internet sales.

Point Possible: This assignment is required and graded – up to 15 points for your original posting with up to 10 points for replies to at least one student for a total of 25 points. See grading criteria

Assignment 3

Reaction Paper II

Reaction Paper II-Economic Crisis

Ah, my dear students–you thought this course was about all ancient stuff! Or maybe you took the class to satisfy a requirement. Well, hold onto your hats because you are studying material that is in the news on a daily basis! You will become an expert on the topic of the problems with our economy before long and will be able to impress your friends and co-workers.

Take a moment and read the front page and business sections of any paper. The issues surrounding the current economic crises are in a large part what you are studying this semester in this class.

For example, what role did the relaxation of government regulation play in the economic crises? Consider how many business executives are being accused of fraud, misrepresentation, or violations of the securities laws? What are the ethical issues for businesses and CFO and CEO’s? Madoff, for example, plead guilty to numerous violations. I would like you to read one article about ponizi schemes and post your thoughts about it. Should all the blame be placed on the organizer of the Ponzi scheme? Do the investors share some of the blame? After all it is an investment-a risk to be taken? What went wrong with the company? How do Ponzi organizers mislead their investors? What were some of the legal charges against them? What lessons can we learn as budding lawyers, the public the at large, and as a nation from this experience?

  • Write a 2-3 pages reaction paper II relate to Economic Crisis.
  • Give an analysis of the problem or issue (see Reaction Paper Grading Criteria under Course Document).
  • Make sure you use proper citations (see MLA Formatting and Style Guide ) and include the legal principles we have studied and your opinion not just a summary of published articles.

Save your paper in rich text format (rtf)


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