Briefly describe the individual and/or organization to which you will sell. 

This paper talks about  an administrations assistant employer  for refugees. the  resources must come credible websites for refugees.   the job that i want to write about is (Administrations Assistant)
April 22, 2018
 While this is a fictitious report, you need to provide valid justifications for your requests.   This type of presentation is often used to project the future success of the company and could be presented to investors and stockholders as well.
April 22, 2018

This is the first of the SALES (Student Application Learning Exercises) that you will complete during this class. SALES build on one another so that after you complete them, you will have constructed the majority of your final sales presentation.

SALES Assignment 1

1. State what you will sell. (You can choose any any item to sell, but be specific.)

2. Briefly describe the individual and/or organization to which you will sell.

3. List three features of your product, including each feature’s main advantage and benefit. Refer back to page 114 for FAB definitions. FABs should discuss your product, not your marketing plan or business proposition. We’ll do that later.


4. Now create a SELL Sequence for each FAB (see page 119-121). Label each of the components of the SELL Sequence using brackets as shown in the examples on page 120.


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