Argument to Inquire Essay

1. Select a topic- Choose a topic that you want to explore and inquire about (please do not write about abortion, marijuana, or gay marriage).

2. Research two articles for your essay about the topic you selected.

3. Read both articles and create a Comparative Grid like the one on pg. 193. Your grid should address at least five questions. This grid will help you map similarities and differences among perspectives.

4. Review the revised student essay “Comparison of Perspectives on Narcissism” on pg. 197. Use this as a guide to help write your essay. Although they use I in their essay, please DO NOT use I in your paper.

In a 2-3 page essay, explore the perspectives by noting where different authors address the same or similar questions, and compare their answers. Decide which views seem most valid and which have deepened your own understanding of the topic and its relevance to your life. Be sure to include a work cited page. Use the “Drafting your paper” on pg. 194 to help organize your essay.


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