Leadership is such an important aspect of nursing. In this course, we considered various aspects of nursing that require strong, knowledgeable, flexible and compassionate leaders. While many nurses do not set out to be the “leader” on their floor, unit or facility, nurses must be the “leader” in sometimes even the smallest tasks or situations. This leadership paper is a discussion of those basic leadership principles.
April 3, 2018
“Professional Legal Issues with Medical and Nursing Professionals” Please respond to the following: • * From the scenario, analyze the different and overlapping general roles of physicians and nurses as they apply to professional credentialing and subsequent patient safety and satisfaction. Determine the major ways in which these overlapping roles may help play a part in health professional credentialing processes and conduct, and identify and analyze the ethical role these influences play in health care.
April 3, 2018
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Create a level 0 and level 1 diagram, context diagram to explain and reflect the attachment below

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