Annotated billbiography

CHINESE MEDICINE this is the topic of my research paper. Please avoid plaigrism and advance academic words and dont refer me as an american because I’m an international student. And please please please follow the instructions. Also this assignment is two parts, I will have to submit the AB first which is tomorrow and the final paper later this month. So, that means I will invite you again for the final paper and thank you

The instructions: Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to allow you to read more critically, more carefully, into the topic of your Final Research Paper. This assignment is an instrument to help you formulate a strong argument based on a critique of each of your sources. Each annotation must include the following three items: 1) Biographical Data about the author(s); 2) a summary and evaluation of the text; and 3) a reflection on the usefulness of the text to your research. Your Annotated Bibliography should include a minimum of 12 sources. Credible sources should be drawn from, but should not be limited to: peer reviewed journals, periodicals and newspaper articles. It will include resources focused on your selected Magic, Science and/or Religion topic. A few suggestions for topics include those listed on Canvas.


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